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A loud sound came from the phone, and Chen let his fingers fly on the screen. He looked up at her and said, "There are more happy things to live with me. Would you like to try?" “……” Qi Huan choked. Before he could react, he got up and went back to his room. "Wash the dishes after eating." Leave her, by his this obviously very normal words, make inexplicably rose red face. . Qi Huan came to Chen Rang's house for the first time and finally knew what his room looked like. Clean, no superfluous decoration and arrangement, the bookcase displays all kinds of books, not very new appearance, he probably has seen. There was a stack of exercise books on the desk. Although No.1 Middle School was a public school and a private school, the teaching materials used in the same school in Hecheng were almost the same, and she had several of them. Chen Rang sat at the head of the bed playing games, and Qi Huan looked around for a while, neither sitting nor standing. You make me dizzy. He didn't look up. ……” Qi Huan wanted to say, where did you look at me? After that, he sat down at his desk. She sat on her side, her hands on the back of the chair, her chin on her arm, staring at the man on the bed. The room was quiet except for the sound of his playing games. He had no intention of speaking to her. When it was time to go home, Qi Huan stayed for a few minutes and saw that he seemed to have finished a game and was about to say go when footsteps came from outside. Someone came upstairs, and there were voices. She had a meal. It's your parents. Chen Rang's face sank and suddenly changed. Without waiting for her to finish speaking, she dropped her cell phone and got up and walked out. Stay where you are. When he went out,foldable bulk container, he threw the door a little hard, and Qi Huan stood up in a daze. Soon, there was a quarrel outside, Chen Rang, and a man's voice, which was mixed with a woman's voice, but soon disappeared, leaving only the man's thick voice. The more they quarrel, the more fierce they are. Qi Huan stood in a daze,spill plastic pallet, wanting to go out and see what was going on, but it was not easy to move. Chen Rang told her to stay here. The time is long, because the unknown becomes more difficult. When she couldn't help it, the door suddenly opened, and Chen, with a cold face, came in, slamming the door harder than when she went out. Chen Rang. Qi Huan shouted in panic. He glanced at her, not much better, lips tight. You "I don't want to talk now." He sat down on the edge of the bed and closed his eyes. Qi Huan had to keep silent. The people outside did not know who it was, did not know what the situation was, and he did not say a word. Qi Huan doesn't know whether to go or stay. Silently, she summoned up the courage to speak out: "It's very late, I want to go home …" What's going on out there? It was just an excuse to go home, and she wanted to ask what was going on. Chen Rang raised his eyes, plastic pallet bin ,plastic pallet box, heavy in his eyes. Without waiting for him to answer, there was a "bang" sound outside the door. Chen Rang! Get your ass out here! Qi Huan changed his face because of this rude tone and looked at Chen Rang. Chen Rang got up and suddenly opened the door. "It's you who should roll." In a flash of lightning, Qi Huan saw the man's clothes outside, and he waved his hand to Chen Rang. It was firmly caught by Chen Rang. He pinched the man's wrist and pushed it, "thump", and the man stumbled into the wall outside. If you're so drunk, you might as well die outside. Qi Huan was frightened by the coldness of his satirical words and the situation in front of him. He was stunned and moved his lips: "Chen Rang..." Chen Jianrong is seldom at home, but Chen Rang didn't expect him to come back. A woman who is drunk and has a demon spirit. Just after a quarrel in the living room outside, the woman saw that their father and son were about to start fighting and left with their bags. Chen Jianrong at this time on the head of alcohol, hold a belly fire, was pushed by Chen Rang shoulder against the wall, pain unceasingly. As soon as he heard the delicate voice in his room, he looked at it with scarlet drunk eyes. Seeing that it was a woman, he gritted his teeth and spat on the spot. Chen Rang wanted to close the door with a calm face, but Chen Jianrong pushed it away. Dog! If you don't learn well at an older age. Chen Jianrong was so drunk that he reached out to Chen Rang and started to fight. The two of them pushed and shoved, and Chen Jianrong was unconscious. The more he pushed and shoved, the closer he got to Qi Huan. Qi Huan retreated subconsciously. Your father sleeps with a woman, you stir up day by day, and you bring a woman back to mess around before your hair grows up! I'll kill you, you little brute! Discipline Chen Rang is just a word, Chen Jianrong is pure drunken madness. They're really starting to fight. Qi Huan Leng Leng, not careful to be affected, the waist hit Chen Rang's desk, eat pain lightly called out. Chen Jianrong squints his eyes, his footsteps shake, his bare eyes reach out to touch Qi Huan, and Chen Rang suddenly pushes him away. Suddenly, before he could react, Qi Huan was dragged into his arms by Chen Rang. The tip of his nose was pressed against his chest. She was stunned. His hand clasped the back of her head to protect her, and the other hand dealt with Chen Jianhong. Qi Huan was so Chen Rang sideways in his arms, can feel his pulse, can hear his heartbeat, as well as his and Chen Jianrong's one-handed dispute movements, was brought by him, the foot staggered. Fuck off He gritted his teeth and scolded angrily. Before she had fully recovered, Chen Jianrong had been pushed to the ground. Chen Rang protected her quickly out of the room, to the living room to let go, instead of pulling her wrist, pulling her all the way downstairs. She trotted a little behind his pace. In front of the gate on the first floor, Chen let her go. You go, it's late. "Chen Rang." Qi Huan looked at him, trying to speak, his throat stuck. Upstairs no one chased down, no movement, do not know what happened after the man hit the wall and fell to the ground, do not know if Chen let go up again, what will happen. He stood by the door, expressionless in the gloom. Let's go "That.." I'm leaving. Qi Huan pursed his lips and turned his toes for a long time. She walked step by step towards the gate of the courtyard, somehow feeling that the pace was particularly heavy, a short distance,collapsible pallet box, as if she could not walk to the end. As she neared the door, she stopped and looked back at him. Chen Rang lost his usual lazy posture and did not stand against the door frame. Qi Huan took a deep breath and suddenly ran back to him. She threw herself into his arms and put her arms around him. Face against his chest, as he had protected her.

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