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Khartoum, Sudan
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I am a Computer Science student, have great interest in both Mathematics and Machine Learning, and love dealing with data. In Kaggle, I am a Kaggle Competitions Expert.

I worked on many projects where I used my knowledge in machine learning and Python to build robust models. Some of my models were good enough to secure a top 10 place in many competitions. I attended IndabaX Sudan 2021 for Deep Learning and participated in some competitive programming contests.

I'm a part of the technical team in Google Developers Students Club at University of Khartoum.

Main tools &

C++, Numpy, Pandas, Jupyter, Python3, Scikit-learn


University of khartoum, Computer Science
Best Academic Performance Award for my first year. Self-studied applied maths, C, C++, Python and machine learning. First place nationwide in the International Youth Math Challenge twice in 2020 and 2021, and amongst best 5% worldwide. Attended IndabaX Sudan 2021 and secured the first place in their hackathon.