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Feng Ting himself also heard this comment, and the letter he received that night turned into an attack on Jianghu people. He always felt that Sang Yan was training him bit by bit by telling him the information about the bad guys. At first, the person who attacked had no martial arts at all. Later, he had a little ability to protect himself, and then his martial arts were good. Now he finally wants to attack Jianghu people with strong martial arts? The letter described in detail the evil things that the Jianghu people had done and his own strength, the wind stopped thinking, Sang Yan would not want him to help Zhongdan revenge, right? Tut, tut, tut, if the smelly boy knew that his cat was growing at a very rapid rate, and did not know what kind of reaction the whole person would have, or in the end simply let him take revenge with his own hands, and he would stare at it? A certain Jianghu man, surnamed Ma, named Tao Rui. He is a charming young man. His swordsmanship is famous in Jianghu. He looks good. We can't change the fact that he is a flower thief. Even if there is something on the mouth, when the two love each other, they should be together, and when they should be separated without feelings, they can not change the fact that they are scum. But times are different and modern open players are different. In this era, for girls,stainless steel tube 304, the choice is from one to the end, the choice is thought to be a lifetime, which thought that even an hour is not, the time for goblins to fight can not even last an hour, by that scum got the body, people patted their buttocks and said, no feelings, I wish to meet a better man. *** you. A girl who once slept with Ma Taorui roared crazily,beam impact tubes, "Don't be caught by my mother, or cut off his second brother, even if I go whoring, I haven't gone whoring enough, this force dares to go, and dare to say that I have no feelings?"? I will show you what is called-deep feelings! The wind stops with own weight guarantee, Sang Yan gives him this person's character information, absolutely is not lets him tell the opposite party, but wants to retaliate. A few days ago, there was a piece of news circulating in Jianghu. Ma Taorui, a charming young man, accidentally fell on a man. I thought he was a girl disguised as a man, but I didn't think he was a serious man. And the kind of face value that will be misunderstood, the wind stops in this world at present only to see that Sang Yan has the capital to be misunderstood. This is very interesting. Sang Yan didn't beat Ma Taorui to death. What does it mean to want him to help? Can not lay hands on the people of this world, certainly does not exist, cold drawn tubes ,beam impact tubes, he can cross into the body of the protagonist, what can not? Or was it because Mr. Ma's flying skill was so good that he really escaped from him? The wind always feels that it can't be so simple. Zhong Dan ate peanuts, lowered his head and whispered, "Mr. Cat, the next time you attack someone else, it's better to leave a note I wrote, so that people have a way to call you, otherwise their various guesses about you are really a long story." "What happened to the news you were asked to investigate?" Arriving early in the morning in this city of ordinary people and Jianghu people, Zhongdan was driven out by the wind to explore the information of Ma Taorui, and was given a fiancee, who had been slept with, with a green grassland on his head. It's easy to get pity from other men. The morning time to collect the news, almost Zhongdan, although know that is just made up information, but still face black, "Ma Taorui recently took a fancy to the big girl of Liu's family, although the girl is not as dignified as a lady, but because she has been living in this city, there is a spirit, plus that beautiful and delicate face, have been taken a fancy to." Rich man Liu has been nervous every day since he knew that his girl had been targeted. He was afraid that Ma Taorui would come out of any corner and touch his girl. He was nervous every day. Now he has begun to invite Jianghu people to settle in Liu's house, just to catch Ma Taorui and benefit the people. Mr. Cat, are we going to the Liu family? Zhong Dan doesn't have any powerful identity, but he has a token of Sang Yan. It's useless. It can't even mobilize the actual strength to take out an ingot of silver from the state-owned bank. This token is used to force Zhongdan, who can only be called a third-rate master in Jianghu nowadays. With this token, except for some officials in the capital who know that this token is only used to pretend to be a force, others will regard Zhongdan as a distinguished guest. Go, a lot of days did not eat satiate, small black small white is a few fat however, how do I feel my weight dropped? "How is that possible, Mr. Cat? Even if I am skinny, you can't be skinny, okay?" Zhong Dan, who did not control his lips to expose the truth, shivered when he saw the sharp eyes of the wind. He smiled ingratiatingly and said, "Mr. Cat, you are not fat at all. You can eat a little more. No, you won't get fat if you eat a lot more. No matter what, I can hold you!" If you don't add the last sentence, the wind stops to feel that he is about to be pleased by him, because that is superfluous, no matter how I can hold it, the wind stops to scratch the table of this inn a lot of traces, Zhongdan heartily took out his purse.. Lose money. Zhongdan, who flattered the horse's leg, sniffed and felt that it was not easy to live. He lived in the Liu family mansion that night. I also saw what the girl who was called a first-class beauty but full of Aura looked like. Is a very beautiful girl, but also different from the general woman delicate, eyes are very energetic,aluminium coated tubes, see Master Liu when the eyes are shining, the feelings between father and daughter are very good, people can see at a glance. Conversation is also very comfortable. Zhong Dan felt that he had a little heart. "This girl and Master Liu are not their own father and daughter. Can you guess whether this girl is calculating the old man's family property or whether the old man and the girl are calculating Ma Taorui together?" Zhong Dan. Can you guess whether I guess or not? Chapter 53 Meow Assassin 4. The most important thing is to stay here for a while and eat and drink. Why do you care so much.

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