Tunisia, Sfax, speaks Arabic
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Sup'Com Tunisian Fraud Detection Challenge
Detect tax fraud using the Ministry of Finance of Tunisia's data
ranked 28 out of 57
ended 4 months ago
Basic Needs Basic Rights Kenya - Tech4MentalHealth
Classify text from university students in Kenya towards a mental health chatbot
ranked 149 out of 501
ended 7 months ago
The Zimnat Insurance Assurance Challenge
Predict when an insurance policy will lapse in Zimbabwe
ranked 15 out of 106
ended 8 months ago
Akeed Restaurant Recommendation Hackathon
Predict which restaurants in Oman customers will most likely order from
ranked 28 out of 57
ended 8 months ago
Alliance4AI: Sendy Logistics Challenge
Predict the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for motorbike deliveries in Nairobi
ranked 15 out of 36
ended 9 months ago
Spot the Mask Challenge
Can you predict whether a person in an image is wearing a face mask? #masks4all
ranked 101 out of 160
ended 9 months ago
UNICEF Arm 2030 Vision #1: Flood Prediction in Malawi
Predict flood extent caused by storms in southern Malawi
ranked 114 out of 484
ended 8 months ago
UmojaHack #3: Hotspots (BEGINNER)
Predicting fires in the DRC
ranked 22 out of 297
ended 10 months ago
Sea Turtle Rescue: Forecast Challenge
Help Local Ocean Conservation predict the number of sea turtles they will rescue each week in Kenya
ranked 7 out of 84
ended 11 months ago
Flight Delay Prediction Challenge
Predict airline delays for Tunisian aviation company, Tunisair
ranked 86 out of 213
Financial Inclusion in Africa
Predict who is most likely to have a bank account
ranked 700 out of 833