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The tiger was now half lying on the ground, snapping and biting the corpse, with its flesh and blood on the ground, but the remaining eye did not forget to stare at them. That is the body of Xiao Qi's master Shisan. When Cui Jin saw Ah Ching's pleading expression, she was silent for a moment and said, "You can't stand it. Go first." If the horses were still there, she could take the seven lords with her, but the horses would have run away, and they would certainly not be able to outrun the tigers. And the rustle. There must be someone who controls the tiger nearby, and the mantis catches the cicada and the yellow sparrow is behind. No matter what, she will protect His Highness Seven! "Go?"? I am the captain of the seven princes this time. How can I explain to the emperor and the imperial concubine if I can hide today and tomorrow? Zhu Wei stuck out his tongue and licked his dry lips. "Lao Tzu only died in battle, not a wimp!" "Master!" "All right, don't say it, I've made up my mind!" Zhu Wei's attitude is clear, if he flinched today, what face does he have to go back?! He stood up and walked towards the tiger step by step with his knife. Aqing gritted his teeth and followed him. Cui Jin looked back at Xiao Qi, who was protected by his subordinates in the center, and then looked at the man and the dog who were still motionless, and followed him without hesitation. The tiger took the half-eaten corpse aside and buried it with leaves, as if to say that he would eat it later. Then he limped to the three men. There were many wounds on his body. His shiny hair was dyed red,fenugreek saponins, but he didn't feel any pain. His half-cracked mouth seemed to be laughing at the three little ants in front of him. Damn it, I think it's laughing at us! Zhu Wei spat a mouthful of blood, is it really a sperm? "We are the meat in its eyes, but it laughs at us." Cui Jin faced death unflinchingly, just to let down the imperial concubine. When the three tigers were at daggers drawn again, suddenly the tiger was in a mess and retreated step by step, as if he had seen something terrible. Three people surprise, look back to see the cloud shallow in the stop,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, Ermao originally grew up body also changed back, or the original appearance, can look carefully, its eyes seem to have a different place. You come back, let you protect it for so long, it's time to show it. Cloud shallow patted afraid of two hair, waved to three people. Ermao seemed to understand, nodded, grinned toward the tiger, suddenly ran, the speed is very fast, only to see a shadow shaking, Ermao has appeared on the back of the tiger, a bite on a wound on the neck of the tiger. The tiger roared in pain and jumped to throw the dog off his back. Just as he wanted to throw the dog off, lycopene for skin ,turmeric extract powder, a piece of meat on his neck was torn out. "Ermao is so awesome!" Xiao Qi finally had some smiles, and then worried, "Sister, can Ermao beat that big tiger?"? The master was so fierce that he died under his claws. "Don't worry, Ermao is no longer an ordinary dog." Yunqian touched Xiao Qi's head. Ermao has entered two ranks in a row, and now he is a spirit beast of the third rank. In their words, he is called a demon dog. Looking at the injured person lying on the ground, Yunqian checked one side, then picked up the most seriously injured person and began to treat him. One dog and one tiger fought with great momentum, destroying almost all the trees within a radius of one mile, and attracting Mu Fan's brother and sister, who cooperated with Ermao to kill the tiger quickly. Aren't you looking for the emperor? Why are you here? Cui Jin urged Mu Fan, who stroked Ermao as if he were stroking a work of art, without raising his head, "You have such a big momentum here that even the emperor knows.." So you found the emperor? Is everyone all right? "The emperor is all right, but he is still surrounded by wolves. My brother and I were ordered by the emperor and the imperial concubine to rush out of the wolves to have a look. I didn't think it was you." Princess Yixuan glanced at Yunqian. Yunqian frowned. "Is my cousin hurt?" Chapter 210 surfacing. "So today, whether it's a tiger or a wolf, someone is behind it?" After listening to Yunqian's story about their encounter with the tiger, Mu Fan's face was heavy, but he still did not forget to touch Ermao's head in his hand. Ermao's eyes are as blue as a pair of sapphires. For the sake of safety, the cloud shallow let Cui Jin send small seven back to the base camp, afraid of another accident Mu Fan let the princess escort back, now only the two of them to meet the emperor. From the road, Mu Fan has been holding Ermao in his arms, and Ermao has rolled his eyes several times. Yunqian withdrew his eyes from his hand. "Yes." She did not tell him, this matter or because of her, they may have known that she cooperated with the royal family, think she will hand over the skills to the emperor, so want to attack the emperor? No, she and the emperor may be their purpose. What happened to you "Mu Fan's voice grew louder when he saw Yun Shallow in a trance." Don't worry Yunqian shook his head and saw Ermao rolling his eyes and sticking out his tongue in his hand. He wanted to bite him twice, so he had to rescue Ermao. "Don't roll him any more. Put him down." "Oh.." Mu Fan felt a little embarrassed and touched his nose. He reluctantly let go of Ermao. Ermao was free. Like a bird rushing out of the cage, he turned over and ran away. He slipped into the woods and disappeared. "Hey.." Mu Fan stretched out his hand, how much he didn't like him. He looked up and bumped into Yunqian's eyes. He coughed lightly and became serious. After a while, he couldn't hold back. He leaned in the direction of Yunqian and asked in a low voice, "That dog.." "Ermao!" Ermao. I looked at Ermao and liked it very much. I don't know. "Nice try!" Cloud shallow directly interrupted him, squinting at him, "he is not an ordinary dog now, you can not fall!"! Recalling that Ermao could fight with the big bug in the dark, Mu Fan could not help shaking, is it really a sperm? The wolves seem to intend to put the cloud shallow they go in, two people go in without any obstruction, Lan Guifei saw her asked Xiao Qi, until the cloud shallow stressed several times Mu Fan also nodded and swore, Lan Guifei did not believe. The cloud glanced shallowly at Luo Xi, who was accompanied by the five princes with a pale face,lutein eye complex, and saluted the emperor, "Your Majesty, are you not hurt?" 。

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