South Africa, Cape Town, speaks English, Afrikaans, Python, Dutch
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Programming Languages: Python, Java, C#, C and Javascript

Data Science Specializations: Supervised learning, Deep learning, Analytics, Data visualization, Data analytics, Data mining, Time series analysis and Reinforcement learning

What do you enjoy about data science and machine learning?

I'm leaning more towards machine learning as a topic, to gain experience and complete my entire automation skillset. I'm very interested in the automation of 'brainless' labor. It's time to revolutionize the way the world works.


I've been programming for over 10 years, I had a very early start. I started when I was only about 12 years old. And I never stopped ever since. Throughout the years I've been learning new langauages, tackled new concepts and now I'm focused on improving my automation skillset and possibly just for fun I'd love to continue my degree in Maths as I've always had an interest in the modern field known as Abstract Algebra. I've worked on too many projects to mention. So here's my github link -

Jan 2020–present
Ignition Group
Data Science Intern