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Walking with You (Part 1) "That's really good really beautiful really atmospheric how can people be so lucky" Yu Qing murmured When Lin Lin woke up again it was a long time later He put his elbow on his body and looked out He was the only one in the dormitory Yu Qing didn't know when to leave His mind suddenly began to replay what Yu Qing had just said like a broken tape recorder No matter how he pressed the Paper Chemicals stop button there was no way to stop the creaking sound from coming out again and again Suddenly the culprit who woke up Lin rang again "224 Lin 224 Lin" The noise of the past became incomparably graceful in Linlin's ears like a holy sound specially designed to save the world He stepped on his shoes opened the door and shouted to the corridor "Be right there" Downstairs Qin Haiqing and Feng Yinan smiled with big eyes and small eyes Qin Haiqing patted Feng Yinan on the head "it's quite smooth" So Lin Lin went downstairs to see this scene Feng Yinan became angry from embarrassment and tried to twist Qin Haiqing's right arm behind his back Qin Haiqing refused to die The two men began to fight hand-to-hand You're looking for me Linlin suddenly stood in front of the two men who were twisting each other and startled them "Not be" the answer of Qin Haiqing conditioned reflex knee bends a son to get Feng Yinan change a word quickly "Ah it is me Do you have time to eat It's my treat I need your help with something Lin Lin looked at them suspiciously "about the friendship" "No but it matters" It's 4 o'clock My stomach can't stand it We have to hurry Qin Haiqing could not help but go out Lin Lin caught up and said "or go to Yingchun Dumpling House near" Qin Haiqing smiled thinking that it was Feng Yinan who paid for it anyway He shook his head "We are Hui people and we don't eat pork" "Then there is a halal restaurant in the cattle and sheep market here Why don't you go there" "Forget it let's go to Tiandu where it tastes good" Lin Lin gritted his teeth and thought about the sky-high price there but did not relent "It takes too much time every day especially at this point" My classmate said that there is a hot pot restaurant outside the West Gate which is also good called Meijing Qin Haiqing saw that Lin Lin's face finally turned white and red His eyes were full of anger mixed with hesitation and bewilderment He couldn't bear to embarrass him any more He said with a smile "Well listen to you you lead the way" Then he turned to Feng Yinan and whispered "Don't forget it's your treat" Feng Yinan had not yet recovered from the two people's eyes and words and he nodded his head in a muddle and followed him out of the school gate Beautiful scenery is very beautiful a very inconspicuous facade the window is written with three big characters "Malatang" The shop is divided into inside and outside rooms and there are more than 10 hot pot tables Qin Haiqing glanced out of the corner of his eye and found that none of them was missing a corner However those incomplete table corners were miraculously restored as new when Qin Haiqing got the menu It seems that not many of them are in the upper two digits Qin Haiqing had the lesson of Tiandu last time and impolitely waited for Lin Lin to order so he sat down and said to his boss "a portion of mutton a portion of louver a portion of kidney GlobalChemMall a part of duck's feet a part of pig's blood a piece of kelp and a piece of lettuce" Poor Feng Yinan has long been scared silly until Qin Haiqing pretended to throw the menu to him see those prices he was relieved He saw that his eyebrows which had been deeply locked were suddenly flattened Not only that he also called the boss "One more hemp ball and one copy" Embarrassed the boss said "I'm sorry the shop is too small and there are no snacks" Besides it may be a little too much I'll give you half of it first When the boss came over again he saw three people one still in a daze one pointing at him and laughing wildly and one silently bowing his head but the corners of his mouth seemed to be pulling up When the three men saw the container brought by the boss they put away their expressions and began to be stunned So that's it Qin Haiqing murmured No wonder this is the last empty table with a missing corner Feng Yinan followed with a nod This seems to be a little more than the last day Lin Lin can't be sure Shit it's not a little bit it's twice as much Qin Haiqing sighed and said "Open it and throw it away I don't know what it tastes like" ” When he picked up the first chopstick louver and threw it into his mouth with a nervous heart he carefully tasted it tasted it again tasted it again and said in disbelief "The taste is too similar to the sky" How can there be an Pesticide Intermediates empty table The other two have been unable to speak obviously spicy to death but only know to keep throwing the things at hand into the pot full of red pepper do not stop fishing out into the mouth One napkin after another piled up into a hill in an instant Finally finished eating the boss looked at the three people with satisfaction leaning back on the chair "do you want more" Qin Haiqing looked at him with dull eyes shook his head and could not speak Only then did Lin Lin remember to ask "by the way what's the matter with me" The other two seemed to wake up from a dream Feng Yinan poked Qin Hai for a moment Qin Hai couldn't help jumping and staring at him He turned his head and changed his sincere face "Well we want to make up for some humanistic knowledge I heard that you have a martial arts appreciation here I want to ask where and when" Lin Lin didn't even think about it "Just this evening teach 304" Feel free to enter Qin Haiqing was a little curious and Lin Lin blurted out "did you choose" "No I wanted to choose" Lin Lin said indifferently "Then I thought it was useless so I let it go" "Oh did Ji Lan choose" Feng Yinan was a little confused when he was full and what he said lacked a bend in his brain so he rushed out horizontally Lin Lin looked at him with some understanding "I don't know The class is about to start Go and see for yourself" Looking at Feng Yinan in a hurry to get on his bicycle and leave quickly Lin Lin's tone became a little cold "This friendship is really useful first Xu Fang it is estimated that the next one is Ji Lan" Lao Hu is really good at pinching and calculating Qin Haiqing argued awkwardly "I said I had nothing with Xu Fang" 。

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