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South African COVID-19 Vulnerability Map
Can we infer important COVID-19 public health risk factors from outdated data?
ranked 46 out of 179
3 April 11:59 (60 hours)
UNICEF Arm 2030 Vision #1: Flood Prediction in Malawi
Predict flood extent caused by storms in southern Malawi
ranked 19 out of 316
~2 months to go
AirQo Ugandan Air Quality Forecast Challenge
Predict future air quality levels and empower communities plan and protect their health
ranked 62 out of 81
~2 months to go
Womxn in Big Data South Africa: Female-Headed Households in South Africa
A prediction challenge with prizes for the top three female data scientists
ranked 50 out of 201
ended ~1 month ago
Wazihub Soil Moisture Prediction Challenge
Predict soil humidity using sensor data from low-cost DIY Internet of Things in Senegal
ranked 31 out of 96
ended 6 months ago
Xente Fraud Detection Challenge
Accurately classify the fraudulent transactions from Xente's e-commerce platform
ranked 204 out of 547
ended 7 months ago
Mobile Money and Financial Inclusion in Tanzania Challenge
Who is most likely to use mobile money? And who is most likely to use other financial services?
ranked 36 out of 163
ended 9 months ago
Sea Turtle Rescue: Error Detection Challenge
Help Local Ocean Conservation clean their sea turtle rescues database
ranked 2 out of 53
ended 11 months ago
Busara Mental Health Prediction Challenge
Predict who is suffering from depression based on routine survey data
ranked 4 out of 57
ended ~1 year ago
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Text Classification Challenge
Classify text and documents by relevance to the 27 indicators of SDG #3 (Health and Well-Being)
ranked 46 out of 50
ended over 1 year ago
Traffic Jam: Predicting People's Movement into Nairobi
Uber and Mobiticket team up to predict demand for public transportation into Nairobi
ranked 47 out of 204
ended ~1 year ago
Data Science Nigeria Challenge #1: Loan Default Prediction
A learning competition designed for DSN Bootcamp 2018
ranked 25 out of 141