Nigeria, Ibadan, speaks English, Yoruba
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Programming Languages: Python, Mysql, Java, PHP, Express, Javascript, Jquery, Angular, Mongodb and Sql

Data Science Specializations: Natural language processing, Computer vision and Machine learning


Odeajo Israel is a Computer Scientist. A web/Mobile Developer. Programmer, Data Scientist.

As an enthusiastic learner, I have gone through different aspect of Machine Learning in few Months. I am passionate about Technology driven system to solving local and national problems.

I am eagerly waiting for a chance to learn more and give my potentiality in Web Development, Programming and Data Science Skills


• Excellent communication, interpersonal and analytical skill.

• Fast learner and easy adaptability to environment changes.

• Excellent in oral and written communication.

• Good customer relation ability.


Programming Languages: C++, Java, JavaScript, Python,, PHP, HTML5, CSS

• Database Modeling: MYSQL, SPSS, Azure

• Tools: Anaconda, Eclipse, Android Studio, Ionic, PyCharm, PowerBI Desktop.

• Sound Knowledge in: Object Oriented Programming, Web Development

• Machine Learning Skills: Clear concept of Supervised Machine Learning Algorithm and Unsupervised Machine Learning

• Library I use: Sickit Learn for Machine Learning Algorithms, Pandas, Numpy, Matplotlib

• Data Mining: Sound Knowledge in Data Mining, EDA(Explorative Data Analyses), Data visualization and Predictive Analysis

• Math Skill: Linear Algebra, Knowledge about Calculus

• Statistics & Probability: Knowledge about descriptive Statistics and Probability

University of ibadan