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Basic Needs Basic Rights Kenya - Tech4MentalHealth
Classify text from university students in Kenya towards a mental health chatbot
ranked 334 out of 501
ended 7 months ago
Urban Air Pollution Challenge
Can you predict air quality in cities around the world using satellite data?
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ended 9 months ago
AirQo Ugandan Air Quality Forecast Challenge
Predict future air quality levels and empower communities to plan and protect their health
ranked 189 out of 328
ended 8 months ago
ICLR Workshop Challenge #1: CGIAR Computer Vision for Crop Disease
Identify wheat rust in images from Ethiopia and Tanzania, and win a trip to present your work at ICLR 2020 in Addis Ababa.
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ended 10 months ago
Womxn in Big Data South Africa: Female-Headed Households in South Africa
A prediction challenge with prizes for the top three female data scientists
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ended 11 months ago
UNICEF Arm 2030 Vision #1: Flood Prediction in Malawi
Predict flood extent caused by storms in southern Malawi
ranked 53 out of 484
ended 8 months ago
Uber Movement SANRAL Cape Town Challenge
Predict when and where road incidents will occur next in Cape Town
ranked 101 out of 134
ended 12 months ago
Sendy Logistics Challenge
Predict the estimated time of arrival (ETA) for motorbike deliveries in Nairobi
ranked 194 out of 449
ended ~1 year ago
Standard Bank Tech Impact Challenge: Animal classification
Create a binary classification algorithm to distinguish zebras from elephants
ranked 22 out of 58
Wazihub Soil Moisture Prediction Challenge
Predict soil humidity using sensor data from low-cost DIY Internet of Things in Senegal
ranked 4 out of 94
ended ~1 year ago
Financial Inclusion in Africa
Predict who is most likely to have a bank account
ranked 101 out of 837
Xente Fraud Detection Challenge
Accurately classify the fraudulent transactions from Xente's e-commerce platform
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ended over 1 year ago