Ghana, Accra, speaks English, Twi, Dagaare, French
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Programming Languages: Python, R and Javascript

Data Science Specializations: Natural language processing, Computer vision, Deep learning, Data visualization and Commonsense reasoning


John Bagiliko, originally from Ghana, holds MSc. Mathematical Sciences from the Afican Institute for Mathematical Sciences in Senegal with specialization in Big Data and Computer Security.  He is the founder and team lead at AI Ghana, a community of artificial intelligence enthusiasts seeking to promote the use of AI in solving real world problems in Ghana and Africa at large. John works as a data science and software engineering consultant at Timothy Kotin Consulting, and he is also the Zindi Ghana Ambassador as well as an ambassadorial team member for AI Exponential Thinker. John has won multiple awards in the past year, one of them being the DataHack4FI Season 3 Ghana Finale. He has a special interest in AI, software development and mathematics blogging.