Nairobi, Kenya
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Programming Languages: Python, R, C and Octave

Data Science Specializations: Machine learning, Artificial intelligence, Analytics, Data visualization, Data analytics and Computer vision

What do you enjoy about data science and machine learning?

I enjoy to exploit the great untapped potential in data science and Machine learning to solve real world problems by getting information that is deeply lost in data.


I am a graduate statistician with a great knowledge in computing with programming languages such as Python, R, C++, Octave and C. I am a machine learning Enthusiast with the dream of becoming one of the best experts in my fields.

Work & Publications
Sep 2020–Jul
African institute for mathematical sciences, MsC. Mathematical Sciences
Online courses in Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence (Coursera Stanford University, EDX MIT )
Jul 2018–Sep 2020
Bata shoe organization kenya
Costing and Efficiency Officer
Sep 2013–Dec 2017
Meru university of science and technology, BsC. Statistics
Applied Statistics with Computing