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Machine Learning Engineer
Johannesburg, South Africa
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- I am here to learn and grow

- I am continuosly improving and I like a challenge

- I am a machine learning engineer with 3 years experience , building models, analysing data and google searcning(The most important skill)

- I frequently enter zindi competitions 1) To gain more skill and practical knowledge . As well as to see what problems companies are trying to solve and contribute however little I can. 2) I want to win some money!. Honestly that's why most join, and I for the most part want more disposable income

- Currently going down a new career path(Yes to become a ML Engineer)

- It has been and intersting journey and I really have enjoyed the path I am currently taking. Getting into and learning in the whole Data Science field was a huge gamble, hopefully the gamble pays off and I too will ride off into the sunset.

Main tools &

Numpy, Pandas, Python, Jupyter, Seaborn, Xgboost, Lightgbm, Power bi, Tensorflow, Scikit-learn