AI4D iCompass Social Media Sentiment Analysis for Tunisian Arabizi
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Can you classify sentiment in the Tunisian Arabizi dialect?
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20 November 2020—28 March 2021
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Changes to the top 10
published 19 Mar 2021, 09:48
edited 11 minutes later

Hello, @zindi. What's going on with the top10? Why were 3 members removed? What is the reason and what should I pay attention to?


Thank you for noting the change on the leaderboard. Two users have been disqualified from the competition for breaking Zindi rules, and they have been informed.

Good luck for the rest of the competition!

Zindi, I have sent an e-mail explaining that I have broke no rule, and this decision seems arbitrary.

Will you please get back to me?

This hurts the credibility of Zindi. I doubt if people want to participate if they see other participants getting disqualified, with little to no explanation for a vague reason like "collaborating outside of team" (even though I didn't), and with no evidence; specially given that I was the second at the time and given that I worked hard on the competition.

Today it's me and two other dudes, tomorrow it might be any other participants.