Guidance on extracting image per field
published 12 Mar 2019, 07:20

Good day,

I need guidance on how to extract each image per farm field. I can load the shape files and .jp2 files in R. You can share directions in R or python as I am conversant with both languages.

My thought/approach to solving this problem is to build an image classifier for the field types.

Appreciate your response.


Hi DrFad did you succed to extract the zip files?

Hello Mohammed. Unfortunately, I was able to extract just 2 of the files; 2017-01-31 and 2017-01-01

Did you build an image classifier to obtain 15.5 loss? If so, how did you approach this?

The same I was able only to extract this two files

Lol. For the files available, do you know how to extract images per farm field?

:( I was also expecting to see jpeg files. I couldn't find a way to see the pics.

Having the jpeg individual files would have been fantastic! I suspect the first task is to extract the individual field images from the files provided. In R , you can view the map of the entire area by executing the following lines of code.



Farm_jp2 <- readGDAL("<include path to folder>/T34JEP_20170131T082151_TCI.jp2")


How did you go about extracting individual field images with its label. i tried with raster package but failed, seems there are some smart ways to do it