Prognostic and health managemnt (PHM)
published 9 Sep 2019, 01:04

hey there!

i want to talk to about the PHM which is a system who controls an industrial component system health ( aircrafts, planes engines, cars, betteries....). It aims for planning and scheduling the maintenance actions in the right time in order to reduce failures and cost , also to increase the availability , security, reliability

The deep learning have been used to solve problems in this area such as detection the anomalies, diagnostic the errors , prognostic the failures and prediction the remaining useful life, as well as the prediction of the health in the future of an industrial equipment. So this domain is very interseting in the last years and i dont know if there are companies are working on this or no .

so i want to talk about this with you because i think our africa faces this kind problems and disscuss about it

What i have realized AFRICA itself need first to find way of generating energy that it's sufficiently that is renewable environmental friendly with ecosystem .

yeah but there are at least planes and cars and a lot of industrials machines need to be monitored to increase their life abd service