Xente Credit Scoring Challenge by DSN AI+ Unilorin
Predict the likelihood of credit default of ecommerce clients
16 data scientists enrolled, 7 on the leaderboard
Financial ServicesPredictionStructured
16 November 2020—21 November 2020
5 days

This is a private hackathon whose primary purpose is for the members of the DSN Ai+ Club Unilorin to apply what they have learnt. If you are part of Ai+ Club Unilorin contact the club leader for the secret code.

According to the Uganda FinScope 2018 survey findings, 46% (8.5 million) adults borrowed money during the 12-month period prior to the survey, with the majority borrowing to cover regular living expenses (such as education) during low-income periods. Further, the largest source of borrowing is from informal lenders i.e. savings groups, burial societies, community-based money lenders etc.

Xente is a Ugandan e-commerce startup that makes it easy for consumers to make payments, get loans, and shop using simply a mobile phone. Using the Xente app you can access personal loans of from UGX 500 – UGX 3,000,000.* The funds can be deposited into your Xente wallet, and then transferred into your Xente Visa card, mobile money wallet, or bank account. You can make transactions using the app using your mobile money or bank card.Alternatively, you can use the funds to buy any product or service in the Xente app. Xente also has a “Buy Now & Pay Later” option, for products such as airtime and data, bill payments, utilities, movies, and bus tickets.**

The objective of this challenge is to create a machine learning model to predict which individuals are most likely to default on their loans, based on their loan repayment behaviour and ecommerce transaction activity.

The resulting models and solutions will help Xente refine their credit decision processes, and enable them to more adequately assess the creditworthiness of new and existing clients. For Xente, this may result in improved profitability and financial sustainability; while for Xente’s cliente, increased creditworthiness would enhance their access to credit and contribute to an improved livelihood.

This challenge is hosted by Xente, in association with Standard Bank

About Xente (xente.co)

Xente is an e-payments, e-commerce, and financial services company in Uganda offering various products and services that can be paid for using Mobile Money (Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money), Bank Card (Visa Card, Master Card,Amex), Xente wallet and on credit (Pay Later). Some of the products consumers can buy include airtime, data bundles, pay water and electricity bills, TV subscription services, buy event tickets, movie tickets, bus tickets, and more.

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