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Cape Town, South Africa
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I am a UCT student with a passion for Data Science

While performing simulations on Heart valves using Python, I discovered the potential of Machine Learning to revolutionise the engineering industry. I then decided to self-study a university course from Harvard, which equipped me with a strong theoretical and practical understanding of Data Science.

I am now looking fo ran opportunity to showcase my skills and prove my worth in Data Science.


Main tools &

Sql, Pandas, Python, Seaborn, Apache spark, Azure machine learning

Work Experience

Mar 2021–Sep 2021
Strait access technologies
1. SAT is a UCT-owned company which designs polymer heart valves. My job was to take different designs of heart valves and test their performance using simulation software. It is a time-consuming and iterative process, which I tried to optimise using Machine Learning. I trained a Linear Regression model using Design Features (hole radius, wall thickness etc) as independent variables, and the performance of the product (Maximum Stress) as the dependent variable. I then predicted what combination of design features would yield the best results. Unfortunately, I only had 92 data points and the relationships were not linear, making my model severely underfit. 2. I also designed temperature controlled waterbaths and other experimental testing rigs.


Jan 2017–Jan
University of cape town, Mechanical Engineering
Dean's Merit List (Multiple) - awarded for academic performance. UCT Gold Award - awarded for voluntary tutoring engineering students. 1st Prize in Steam Car Competition - awarded for building a steam car that won the race (and didn't catch fire) Entrepreneurship - created and ran a successful online store selling French cosmetics to Chinese tourists. Self-studied Chinese from scratch to an Advanced level Committee member of UCT ASA and Table Tennis Club, where I organised events and met investors/stakeholders.