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N'djamena, Chad
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Programming Languages: Python, Matlab and R programming

Data Science Specializations: Neural networks, Natural language processing, Deep learning and Machine learning


I am a Master student in Machine Learning at African Master for Machine Intelligence, I have a Master Industrial mathematics with interest in Data Science ( I am a long-life learner, I keep learning AI and ML everyday) and Physicist specialized in Electronics Electrical Engineering Automatics (research). My main interest currently is Natural Language Processing. I am also looking for an internship or PhD position in modern statistics and Machine Learning to solve real world problems.

Work & Publications
Jan 2022–present
African institute for mathematical sciences, Machine Learning
Oct 2018–Feb 2020
African institute for mathematical sciences, Industrial Mathematics
During my end of study project I have worked on Data Science Research project entitled "hybrid architecture for LSTM and Autoregressive: Application on time serie data for birth prediction"
Dec 2017–Nov 2019
University of ngaounderee, Electronic Electrical Engineering Automatics
I have worked on optimization of energy transfer in photovoltaic Systems