Malawi, Lilongwe, speaks English, Kiswahili, Chichewa
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Programming Languages: Python, C, Java and Dart

Data Science Specializations: Natural language processing and Computer vision

What do you enjoy about data science and machine learning?

It is surprisingly interesting and equally satisfying to see and have the ability to use simple but sophisticated tools to get different insights and representation of data.


With the passion to apply some of the tools and skills in Machine learning I have worked on various research projects but my personal favourite are a using NLP and CV for a voice and gesture controlled home assitant on low resource hardware devices(raspberry Pi) to help the old and physcially challenged or disabled interact with their home appliances in several different ways. My other project is banknotes where I worked on a model that efficiently classsifies banknote fitness and legitamacy using the Malawian Kwacha legal tender and be able to run on low resouce hardware.

Apr 2020–Jun 2020
The Malawi Polytechnic Design studio
Aug 2015–Mar 2020
The Malawi Polytechnic University, Information Technology