DataFest Africa Noise Pollution Classification Challenge
Can you predict noise levels in Kampala?
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Quick Starter notebook to ~0.9
Notebooks · 13 Jul 2022, 18:34 · edited 1 minute later · 6

Hi folks, I noticed many people are not encouraged to join the challenge due to the nature of the task being audio classification, I've created a very simple starter notebook that gets you to ~0.9 which is a good start. Please find the notebook here: . See you on the leaderboard 💪💪

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Thanks for this boss.

13 Jul 2022, 20:22
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welcome anytime boss......see you on the leaderboard.💪💪

Do we still have access because i am having trouble accessing the

17 Jul 2022, 17:42
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Hi Steve, Access to the repo? Yes, it will remain open source. Access to the zip file on google drive? Kindly refer to my comment here: You cannot just run the notebook, you'll have to modify the paths to yours.

ps: don't forget to leave a star on the repo if you find the notebook helpful.😉

Thanks for this. I really appreciate this.

You are doing well @Professor

18 Jul 2022, 12:24
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Welcome, Mike.......🙇‍♂️