Field IDs
published 30 Aug 2019, 12:24

Hi all, it is possible that some of you have been using the field IDs in your models. If you come in the top of the leaderboard, if and when we validate your solutions, we will re-run your model without the Field IDs or other featuers derived from the Field IDs. Your position on the leaderboard will reflect this new score.


The Zindi team

Hello Zindi,

Thanks for bringing this up. Isn't it rather late to make changes to rules just 2 days to the end of the competition.

Hello Zindi,

I completely agree with DrFad. It should have been known from the beginning that using those IDs are not allowed

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If 'uniqueid' is ever useful in training, that would be a leak, and won't be useful on the private test set anyway. Thanks for the info

I think it is strange to use FieldID as these are not data readings... it is common sense not to use them

Hi Zindi Team, are you saying we should not use the following variables; TransactionId, BatchId, AccountId, SubscriptionId and CustomerId. May you kindly clarify which columns we shouldn't use.

Thank you for weighing in and thank you for your patience and understanding. We have posted the way forward here: https://zindi.africa/competitions/farm-pin-crop-detection-challenge/discussions/318

@ngonifungura, sorry for the confusion. This thread relates to the Farm Pin Challenge. You are fine on the Fraud Detection!

i did not understand well !